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Since 1985, our customers have been able to depend on professional security services and monitoring. We've designed security systems for the needs of the entire industry and tailored them to meet the specific needs of customers like you.




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Security Tips

Here are a few tips on keeping your place secure.

Change the Locks

Remember to change all the locks when you move into a new house. You’ll never know who had access to the keys before you moved in. If you lose the keys to your house, you should also replace all the locks for the maximum home security.

Conceal All Wiring

Burglars often look for wiring around the exterior of a house and can cut it to disable the security system. Keep your home security wires hidden.

Give the Appearance That Your House is Occupied

Professional burglars scour neighborhoods looking for homeowners who are away from their home for an extended period of time. Automatic timers are great ways to turn lights on and off while you’re away.

Don’t Leave Your Key in the Mailbox

This is a home security tip that everyone has heard, but many still ignore. One of the easiest ways to enter a home uninvited is by finding a key in the mailbox or under the doormat. Wrap your key in foil and place it in a secret spot that only your family knows about.

Light Up the Entrance to Your Home

A smart way to keep thieves away is to utilize lighting. Lighting with an infrared detector automatically turns on when someone is in a specific zone or area. No burglar wants to be in easy view while committing a crime.

Install Deadbolt Locks

All exterior doors should have at least 1 inch thick dead bolt locks. Although more expensive than spring latch locks, dead bolts are much stronger and provide significantly more protection. When installing deadbolts, make sure to leave a minimal amount of space between the door and its frame, as this provides an opportunity for an intruder to pry the door apart. Doors can be reinforced with plywood or a piece of sheet metal.

Use Metal Bars on Sliding Doors

Any sliding glass doors, patio doors, or sliding windows should have a metal bar that is placed along the bottom track of the door or window. The metal bar can prevent a burglar from forcing the door or window open.

Use Interior Door Hinges

If your door has hinges on the outside of your house, an intruder can easily remove the hinge pin to gain entry. For optimal home security, remove the door and reset the hinges so that they are on the inside of the house.

Protect Your Windows

Burglars often gain entry into homes through windows. Protect these vulnerable areas with window locks and/or burglar-resistant glass. Installing many small panes of glass instead of one large pain of glass is a good option as well.

Test you System

Test your system monthly to ensure connectivity to our central station.

Register Your CCTV System

If you have a CCTV system, register it with your city, they will contact you if they feel your system might have some information that would help during an investigation.

Tips to Improve Your Home’s Security