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Since 1985, our customers have been able to depend on professional security services and monitoring. We've designed security systems for the needs of the entire industry and tailored them to meet the specific needs of customers like you.




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All Tech Security Services

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Residential System Installation

Your home deserves the same treatment as our commercial clients; that’s why our engineering and installation teams work with you to design the perfect solution, and then install it with the utmost care and precision. It’s like we were never there, except you end up with a state-of-the-art security and surveillance system that can start protecting your residence the moment it is powered on and configured.

Design and Installation Process.

After you have made your inquiry, an All Tech Security engineer consults with you and discusses your specific needs, depending on the size of residence, the location, potential threat areas, and other variables.

A custom solution is designed around your specific needs, budget, and specifications

Camera and equipment location is approved and Installation begins.

When installation is completed, equipment is tested and approved, Our technicians provide any necessary training required to operate your equipment

Another home is made that much safer by the All Tech Security team!  

Our Services

Superior professional Commercial and Residential Installation

Multi-Family Installation

Multi-family living complexes, such as apartments, often pose a challenge when trying to efficiently install security and surveillance systems without spending more than is needed while getting the best possible coverage and results. Vision Video Security’s experienced engineering and installation teams design our multi-family solutions with the utmost care, making sure to analyze all aspects of the facility and customize the perfect solution.

Once installation begins you can be assured that our technicians will make quick work of your project, no matter the size, and have you up and running in no time.

The Process

Our engineers consult with multi-family property owners and configure the right security system that will address potential threats.

After the initial consultation, a custom solution is designed based on the appropriate equipment and specific project requirements. Placement of equipment is completed and agreed upon

Scheduling is completed and the installation begins

Installation is completed, equipment is tested and approved

If applicable to the project, live monitoring begins, crime and suspicious activity decreases and occupants of the multi-family complex are left with a safer, more secure living environment

 Commercial System Installation

All Tech Security’s team of highly experienced, certified installation technicians have performed numerous installations of small and large security and surveillance systems in every type of commercial property. Whether you are installing a few analog, static CCTV cameras or a full blown pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) system for live monitoring and object recognition, our team will make it happen.

How it works

Our team consults with property owners to decide on the best surveillance system solution for their location, potential threats, and needs.

Types of equipment and services are agreed upon, and an entirely custom solution is engineered for that specific commercial property.

Placement of cameras, storage devices, and other equipment is assigned location

After installation is complete, all equipment is tested and approved, monitoring (if applicable) begins, and another commercial property benefits from the security of a world-class security system, installed by top-notch professionals

We install surveillance systems in and for: